Cults at W&L

New pledge classes the day after bid day Pre-med students Lax bros Kelsey Goodwin's work-study students Swim team The English Department Dean Futrell's office The EC Choir The Spectator D-Hall table Peer Counselors All three Africana Studies majors Phi Psi library table The last people to live in Gillam Res Life team People who run … Continue reading Cults at W&L


So, how was your summer?

Hey, so good to see you! How've you been? How was your summer? Mine was so busy, but so good. It's nice to be away from school, but also I missed it, you know? Where were you again? Oh, that's so cool, how was it? There's this one restaurant there that I love, did you … Continue reading So, how was your summer?

Student Previously Thought to be Fake Spotted Eating Bagel

Alleged sophomore Jack Goodacre was spotted in Hillel early Monday morning eating a cereal bagel. Onlookers were alarmed not by the poor choice in bagels, but by his mere presence. “I really thought he wasn’t real.” said Anna Smith ’19. “No one I’ve talked to has ever seen him around campus.” “I thought his Instagram … Continue reading Student Previously Thought to be Fake Spotted Eating Bagel