The Radish Expands into Health

Here at The Radish, we believe that everyone should be equipped with the knowledge needed to take care of themselves and live their best life. We are proud to present The Toilet Times, a quick read perfect for that fourth floor Leyburn stall. First up? Some tips and tricks for when you are caught in … Continue reading The Radish Expands into Health

Mock Con Couldn’t Stop the Bern (No Matter How Hard They Tried)

We all know what went down in the 2016 Democratic Primary. Senator Bernie Sanders was screwed out of his nomination by the superdelegates of the Democratic Party and probably Jeffery Epstein. Well this past weekend, Washington & Lee held our very own Democratic Convention, affectionately referred to as “Mock Con.” And just weeks after the … Continue reading Mock Con Couldn’t Stop the Bern (No Matter How Hard They Tried)

Fighting Back Against Hike Supremacists

“It’s just like, what happened to sitting around?” Junior Mike Nelson asked. Hike supremacy-- thinking that being outside makes you superior to people that are inside-- has been spreading in recent years as more and more students have ventured outdoors and started evangelizing about the fresh air. Many hike supremacists unwittingly reveal themselves, often shocking … Continue reading Fighting Back Against Hike Supremacists