Peer Counselor in hot (and cloudy) water after providing brownies containing marijuana

Sources say that the Peer Counselor grabbed the leftover brownies from a friend’s apartment after realizing she had not visited her hall in over a month. While the university investigates the case further, all of the students involved continue to claim they were unaware of any illicit substance in the brownies. “I just assumed they were normal brownies,” one of the unsuspecting residents told The Radish.  “I mean, they for sure tasted smokey, but I’m not complaining.” From the comfort of his bean bag chair, another resident wondered, “what if… your eyelids were cameras… and then you could see every moment you missed while you were blinking…” All of the residents complimented their counselor on her “bold move” and thanked her for what she has done for the hall.

The consequences for the Peer Counselor are unclear however there is reasonable suspicion the university will extend its drug and alcohol education programs. Despite the growing number of students on probation for illegal substance use on school property, a W&L spokesperson reported that the university feels “confident” in the long-term success of education programs like Alcohol Edu. -Marta Regn ‘19