Obituary for Gus the Groundhog

Gus the groundhog was born at the beginning of August 2021 as part of a little of 5 pups. He had a proud mother, who was known among the animal community as having fought off a family of skunks, and a shy father, who found himself frightened by every stray mask and empty Busch can that blew across his path.

As an adult, he made a home within the Third Year Village, feeding on the dandelions, grasses, and assorted flowers that girls would try to grow on their patios. He mated young and was the father of four separate litters by the time he met his untimely death at the end of March 2023.

When Gus was out searching for seeds to feed his wife and her newest litter, an unleashed pet dog named Sweetie chased after him and sank her teeth into his side. He fought valiantly, struggling to free himself from Sweetie’s maw as her owner could only stand in shock.

Before help could arrive, Gus passed away from the injuries and pain of Sweetie eating him alive. He is survived by his wife, parents, countless brothers and sisters, and children.

His favorite treat was buttercups, and any student wishing to pay tribute to him is welcome to spread buttercup petals across the bleachers by the turf field below Third Year. Fly high, Gus, fly high.