Top 10 Couple Activities at Fancy Dress

Top 10 Couple Activities at Fancy Dress

  1. Making out up on the rafters

There is nothing more romantic than pretending no one else in the world exists and spending quality time doing parkour. Just make sure you don’t fall, or if you do then remind your partner that you love them (no silent treatment).  

  1. Making out in the cage

Ignore the holograms of barely dressed people spinning around. And also ignore all of the people staring at you like you are animals in a zoo….  

  1. Spanking each other with a cane

Just saying, you don’t need it to walk, so what else can you do with it but hit people? 

  1. Celebrating the exploitation of circus performers 

Give a big hand for the sexualized performers who had to suffer the humiliation of dancing in a cage only for you to wonder why they were there. 

  1. Hiding drinks in a top hat 

If you can’t balance bottles on your head, that’s a skill issue. This plan is flawless.  

  1. Slow dancing to Mr. Brightside 

If you’re not single, don’t pretend to vibe to this. Just mind your own business and let us peasants have our moment.  

  1. Dancing with the Pub Safe officers  

Did you see that too?! Kudos to the band for distracting Pub Safe while a creepy dude was trying to touch you.  

  1. Taking a break from stress by fussing about your costume, makeup, and desperately trying to move around but you’re caught in a crowd of people who won’t budge   

Don’t mind me, I’m just having a moment…  

  1. Getting the monocle to stay on your head  

It doesn’t have a strap dummy! Maybe use it to hypnotize someone or something.  

  1. Dressing up as Robert E. Lee and his wife

I know what you’re thinking, won’t that be offensive to many people in the room? Hey, democracy is about pleasing the majority, and if the giant elephant statue didn’t remind people who that majority is, then that’s on them.  

– Arun Ghosh