Fraternities to Submit Hazing Plans to COVID Committee

It is a time-honored tradition of brotherhoods across the nation, the period in which a fledgling freshie finds himself forged in the emotionally traumatizing fires of all those who came before, destined to emerge a man. Pledges throughout these great United States, and in certain urban areas of Canada, line up to earn their stripes … Continue reading Fraternities to Submit Hazing Plans to COVID Committee

Q On Campus

Conspiracy theories have reached the colonnade. An anonymous Greek Rank poster, W, has gained an immense online following by spreading misinformation in the W&L community. W is completely entrenched in the Pro-Dudley wing of campus, raucously applauding his most recent Covid update and urging complete compliance with protocols, recently writing “True gennies are WATCHING and … Continue reading Q On Campus

Anti-Irish Sentiment Found Throughout Campus

         With only a few short days before St. Paddy’s Day, the holiest of Roman-Catholic holidays, I have noticed an alarming amount of anti-Irish activity around W&L’s campus. To start, almost the entire population of Irish American students have contracted Covid or are quarantining and won’t be let out until after March 17th, one of … Continue reading Anti-Irish Sentiment Found Throughout Campus

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Your Sign

Aries Campus deer familyWhy? You are always with your squad and get into dangerous anticsTaurusThe ColonnadeWhy? You’re a little all over the place but really photogenicGemini The pugs that are walked around campus dailyWhy? Twins! Also you’re like constantly seeking attention CancerPresident DudleyWhy? You have a lot of shit going on  LeoThe Counseling CenterWhy? You’re hard to reach and emotionally … Continue reading Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Your Sign

Top 10 Social Events of the Year, Thus Far

Any event coordinated by Charlie SmithThird-Year Formal (wasn’t something to be missed!)Jeb Bush’s Zoom EventCanaan Green Hangouts! (Thanks Dudley, those help a lot)Benny McVale blacking out while watching Gossip Girl on his 22nd birthdayWhite Castle residents that haven’t been seen in weeks (not the townies’ work, just Tammi lowering the boom)Whatever the freaks that live … Continue reading Top 10 Social Events of the Year, Thus Far