A Frat Boy’s Guide to Valentine’s Day  

In this, the most devout season of “Pushin’ P,” the frats of W&L are gearing up to educate their newest members on the tried-and-true methods for surviving the Valentine’s Day commotion. Whether simps or hoes, the brothers of this great campus have come together to pool some truths universally acknowledged. “It’s psychological warfare, man,” informed Dan … Continue reading A Frat Boy’s Guide to Valentine’s Day  

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Look, it’s not great but we’ve all been there. It’s February 14th and you haven’t had a significant other since 2016. How does this day work? You’re also 20, living on a work study budget, and you only kind-of-like your new situationship. It’s been like a month and a half so a day about love … Continue reading Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

IMPORTANT MESSAGE – Public Safety Notice

Public Safety <PublicSafety@wlu.edu> Mon 2/14/2022 11:32 AM From: PublicSafety@wlu.edu [Public Safety]Subject: IMPORTANT MESSAGE - Public Safety Notice** This message was distributed by the Broadcast Mailer at W&L ** PUBLIC SAFETY NOTICE Attention students of W&L! As a part of Washington and Lee’s newest sustainability effort, the department of public safety has decided to make some … Continue reading IMPORTANT MESSAGE – Public Safety Notice

W&L Board of Trustees to Drop “Washington,” Keep “Lee”

In a recent and unanimous vote, W&L’s esteemed Board of Trustees decided to drop the “Washington” portion of the University’s name in efforts to more properly reflect the feelings and opinions of its students and faculty. One trustee spoke to the Radish after the monumental meeting: “The Board really wants to have its finger on … Continue reading W&L Board of Trustees to Drop “Washington,” Keep “Lee”