Galentine’s Day COCKtails

Feeling like you need a friend on Valentine’s Day? Well,

 look no further. This list of cocktails is sure to comfort you for all of the day’s sadness.


(Basic but a classic)

Raspberry Martini

(Raspberry puree and vodka of your choosing)

Love Potion

(Peach Schnapps, Vodka, Grapefruit Juice)

Classic Mudslide

(Chocolate milkshake + liquor of any sort)

Pomegranate Mimosa


Strawberry Margarita

(get an extra shot of tequila on the side)

Don’t those all sound lovely? Now this next cocktail is my personal favorite. It’s for the girls who hate Vday, the ones who always cry because they’ve been burned before. The girls who have been cheated on, lied, left at the alter when all they wanted was to live happily ever after. The girls whose father saw all the red flags. The girls who dated an older man just to be treated like a child. The girls who cried watching the All Too Well short film. The ones who fell head over heels for a man that only came up to their shoulders. The girls who thought they were safe with an uggo but even he couldn’t stay loyal. The girls whose man’s beggggeddd them to go to the same college only for them to contract chlamydia from your best friend when he can barely even get it up in the bedroom and then all your friends get annoyed cuz you cry all the time and your mom is your only source of comfort and even she gets fed up and then you lay in your twin XL all day long for weeks on end with an endless bottle of rose sitting on your bedside table with a straw coming out of it and you can’t even listen to music because happy music makes you sad and sad music makes you sad and everything makes you sad (except the breakup skinny that shit is poppin) and then he begggggssss to take you back and you say sure defo because you are dumb and then he cheats on you again with your mom who you thought was your bestfriend and then his friends tell you he never loved you and your mom is now pregnant with your ex’s kid and now your chlamydia ridded ex is your new dad and then they sell you to one direction to get money for their drug addiction but its all okay because you throw your long brown hair up into a messy bun and marry all 4 (rip zane) band members and its fine but also you’re still sad.

This one is just a simple recipe: