Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Look, it’s not great but we’ve all been there. It’s February 14th and you haven’t had a significant other since 2016. How does this day work? You’re also 20, living on a work study budget, and you only kind-of-like your new situationship. It’s been like a month and a half so a day about love doesn’t really seem to apply yet but there’s no national “yeah I guess your cool” day, so we will have to make do. The Radish is here to help you. We have compiled a list of totally mediocre places to take your fair-weather fling that won’t require much effort, money, or actual attraction to him or her.

Smoke Area Behind Dhall

Lexington’s hottest club is this particular smoke area. The Dhall people do NOT want you there, but if you go after hours there are some roaches that could be finished and a wonderful view of the beautiful Woods Creek.

Krem’s Photography Studio

This place is unusually creepy for such a newly renovated building, and that’s what makes it perfect. You can make up HOURS of lore about this room, and all of it is believable. In fact, I heard the Board is voting soon to make this room the last step in becoming a 6-star general.

Natural Gas Plant on Back Campus

Your SO will think you’re just trying to have a really nice little hike, but of course that’s just too intimate, so the natural gas will throw a perfectly sized wrench into the mix.

Larry and Fran Pepper’s Room

Compare your love to that of Larry and Fran Pepper! I have never met them, but I feel like if my husband wanted to donate a study room to Huntley Hall… it wouldn’t be a very love-filled marriage (donate something cool like a petting zoo). On the other hand, the marriage would definitely be one where we stuck together out of convenience (and because we have a study room with both of our names on it).

That Weird Little Study Room in Reid

Thinking about the stuff that has happened on that couch makes me shudder (journalism majors are weird), but there’s plenty to discuss—I’d focus on the newspaper clippings about the Vietnam war, and if things get really dry, move on to the current events that are always playing across the hall.

The Entrepreneurship Building

This is probably the single most under-utilized building on campus, and it’s perfect for a lowkey V-day because it feels off campus enough to make it seem like a big deal, but you might also be graced with the neighboring dance company whose members are extremely loud and will offer you respite from the fact that y’all don’t really like each other that much.