A Lifetime of Activism: Interview with a Townie

This is the first installment of what will become a monthly segment at the Radish where one of our field interviewers will speak with a Lexington native about culture, politics, and enhancing the community’s relationship with the university.

We recently had the pleasure to sit down with inspiring local activist Elmer Hudgins to get his take on what it is like living in Lexington during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Interviewer: How has the pandemic impacted you personally?

Hudgins: Ah’ just think this Wuhan flu is taking a toll on everyone’s mental health these days, mine included. Sometimes ah’ just gotta think about my own self-care, so ah’ hop in mah’ white SUV and go for a drive.

Elmer works in public sanitation and happens to be a local community leader. He claims to be the Grand Pegasus in a local men’s organization dedicated to what he described as “the preservation of American values.” He was hesitant to name the group when asked.

Interviewer: Are you a political man, Elmer?

Hudgins: Ah’ am and thank you for getting into that. We’re just more divided and angry right now than ever in the history of this nation, mah’self included. Ah’ mah’self haven’t been this pissed off about what’s goin on since the Civil Rights days.

Interview: Really, were you involved with the movement?

Hudgins: Hell, yes ah’ was involved with the movement. Ah’ was at all the big protests, protestin’… and drivin’ around shoutin’ at people just like I do to this day! Selma, March on Washington, Birmingham, you name it. Ah’ was at all of em’.

Interviewer: That’s fascinating. I’m very young but I guess we are pretty divided right now.

Hudgins: Hey, and ah’d like to mend that divide. You turn on the news and everyone’s fightin, just fightin all the damn time. And you know why? The shadowy ‘chosen people’ who run the media want it that way, AND I THINK WE OUGHTA PUT OUR FOOT DOWN AND…!!!

Interviewer: Excuse me sir, are you talking about the Jews? Because that sounds incredibly anti-Semitic.

Hudgins: Those are your words not mine, news boy! You’re the one bringin up the Jews!

Interview: We’ll move on then… how do you intend to help mend this intense political divide?

Hudgins: Ah’ just think protest is what we need right now more than ever. And it don’t nephessarily need to be peaceful neither… not when things are this important.

Interviewer: That’s very woke of you to say.

Hudgins: Thanks, ah’ ‘preciate it.

Interviewer: A lot of young people have been vocal in the past few months since the death of George Floyd…

Hudgins: Ah’ know it, ah’ talk to ‘em all the time on 4chan. Unlike the generations before them, of which ah’ am one, these young folks notice that the problem is institutional. We can’t reform a system that needs to be completely overhauled from the inside out! Ah’m talkin’ bout getting’ rid of those demon pedophile, adrenochrome drinkin’, Democrat elites who been running this country from behind the scenes ever since its contraception!

Interviewer: So, you mean that we should dismantle the patriarchy? I couldn’t agree more!

(Interview pauses while the two shake hands.)

Hudgins: YESSIR, the patriarchy has been running the show since they left Egypt!

Interviewer: Wait… are you talking about the Jews again?

Hudgins: I don’t understand this problematic fixation with the Jews!

Interviewer: Okay, sorry, my bad… I won’t bring up the Jews anymore. Please don’t cancel me, Mr. Hudgins. I know you have a large online following…

Hudgins: Let’s keep it movin’, news boy.

News Boy: Ummm… how do you intend to create the change that you envision and mend the divide?

Hudgins: Ah’ go directly to the college campuses because young people are the future of this country and they must hear our voices! That’s why mah’ men’s group has been passin’ out pamphlets for the last few years.

Interviewer: Spectacular. One last question and we’ll wrap up the interview so you can get back to picking up people’s trash for a living. How has your life changed the most since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Hudgins: Ah’ just miss the days when ah’ could walk down the street without a mask and harass minorities on foot.

TP ’23