Hottest All-Gender Restrooms of 2018 

The Restrooms at the Center for Global Learning

Kenneth P. Ruscio Center for Global Learning lives up to its name with a world-class set of all-gender restrooms. Visitors enjoy spacious toilette suites with heated seats. Fumble around with the bidet and enjoy the aromatic offerings of the adjacent Tea House.

Payne Hall 1st Floor Restroom

Adroit bathroom-goers will find this gem tucked away in the narrow hallway connecting Payne and Washington Halls. The room’s shotgun style leaves the toilet at a convenient 11 feet from the ears of passers-by. Ms. Sandy O’connell, the English Department Assistant, has currently stocked it with a bottle of Cinnamon-Apple air freshener. It’s touches like this that make this lesser-known lavatory shine.

The Private Restroom of President Will Dudley

Available by appointment.

Hillel Restrooms 

The E-Cafe offers smoothies to-go, Kosher dining, and an unequivocal restroom experience. These restrooms are in high demand—if both are taken, leave your backpack on the floor to reserve your place in line.

Common’s Restrooms – 3rd Floor

These restrooms offer a welcome respite for students before and/or after appointments at Career Development. They lack privacy locks (understandable) and bidets (unacceptable).

The Bathroom of a Formal Bus to Charlottesville

A projectile vomiter in motion will remain in motion until some girl outside says your time is up.

The Maury River 

Because nature is Jesus’ All-Gender Restroom.

The Pool at Bahamas

I’m not saying you should, but you know someone did.

Common’s Restrooms – 1st Floor

Come on, people. Love yourselves.

—Bailey Brilley ’18