Fall in Lexington Leads to Global Shortage in Barbour Jackets, Lululemon Leggings, and Bean Boots

While fall for many inspires cheerful thoughts of changing foliage, Halloween, and family touch-football-soon-leading-to-sprained-ankles backyard contests, the change of seasons here at W&L is remarkable for a much different reason.

Akin to the animal kingdom, where animals grow a little extra fluff to keep warm for brisk fall breeze, local sorority girls everywhere are swamping online stores to find their “super cute” Bean Boots, Lululemon leggings, and Barbour jackets. While far from a new phenomena here in Lexington, W&L is making inter-dimensional news for causing an universal shortage of the products.

The Radish recently caught up with a distraught Emily Wentworth, ’20, outside of Gaines: “I just don’t know what to do,” she said, noting that she had kept pace with circle-rimmed sunglasses, overly billowing tank tops, and SmartWater bottles only months ago. “How else will I be able to show Sorority girls how, like, totally cute and stylish I am on rush dates if I can’t, you know, perfectly blend into the homogenous population all wearing the official/unofficial dress code?!”

All hope is not lost for Emily, however, as our sources tell us that members Alpha Kappa Delta Sorority traveled to Barbour’s factory this summer in London to purchase the entire stockpile of the coveted Jackets in advance of their annual “Coats 4 Coats” Philanthropy event benefiting the ASPCA.

-Andy Whicker ‘20