Friend groups crumble across campus as Halloween and demand for group costumes lingers closer

It’s that time of year again.

The pressure to have that group costume consisting of the perfect mix between funny and creative is, tragically, almost upon us. And no matter how many times you suggest Mother Teresa, your hyper-politically (religiously?) correct friends just will not have it. No one wants to cover their body with paint, yet how else will you be a colorful troll? No one wants to spend more than $5, but then how will you buy that Talladega nights racing suit?

After hundreds of algorithms, meetings, internet searches, and tearful “heart to hearts” including the use of a talking stick, the group decides to go with the always classic but super cute spectrum of the colors of a Crayola crayon box. Why didn’t we just think of this in the first place?

— Julia Jane Duggan ’20