AlcoholEdu training provides student with knowledge necessary to effectively call 911

Last Friday night, a student was able to recall his many hours of AlcoholEdu training to get out of a potentially compromising situation with his friend.

The interview that follows describes the heroic, quick-thinking actions of a courageous young man who may have saved his friend’s life. Viewer discretion is advised.


Interviewer: “So, what exactly happened? Was he showing any symptoms of alcohol poisoning? Was he hypothermic, blue-skinned, having seizures, becoming comatose?”

Student: “I mean, not really, I guess… it was just more like he finished his case race and then he kinda fell over and then stayed down. It seemed like something was wrong, so I called 911.”

Interviewer: “Wow, incredible intuition you’ve got there. So you called 911? What did you say?”

Student: “I was like, ‘he’d probably be fine at the Health Center, but I’m next on the pong table and I’ve been waiting almost an hour, so can you take him to a hospital?’”

Interviewer: “Amazing detail in that call. You think it was the university’s repetitive, participation-oriented training that gave you such decisiveness in such a perilous situation?”

Student: “Probably not, but, like, maybe.”

Interviewer: “Incredible work. It really seems like AlcoholEdu is responsible for the depth of insight that you showed here this evening.”

Student: “Sure.”


We can all thank AlcoholEdu for their fun, informative, and lifesaving work when it comes to effectively calling authorities.

*This message was sponsored by EverFi’s AlcoholEdu – Proven Effective Programming to Reduce Alcohol Harms*

-Chris Baumgarten ‘19