Medieval and Renaissance Studies Department hosts Renaissance fair to remind university of its existence

A walk through campus this afternoon will look a little different.

W&L’s Medieval and Renaissance studies department (it’s real – Google it) will remind the families of all five department majors exactly what they’re paying for with a full-scale Renaissance fair throughout campus on Friday.

The events begin promptly at 9 am on Cannan Green. On steeds loaned from the Lexington Carriage Company, 73-year-old Medieval Art guru Isaac Watson will kick off the festivities with an historically accurate jousting match against rival Martin Garrison, 82, of the early European history discipline.

At 10:30, the Student Health Center will run a bubonic plague simulation event where students are sure to leave with a better understanding of the disease that crippled Europe (as well as make off with a quick pocketful of free condoms).

The Market Place plans to participate by not plan to changing its regular menu for the event.

In addition to these fine activities, farm animals will roam campus throughout the day and all plumbing will be disconnected. When asked for comment on the matter, Medieval and Renaissance study major, Mary Catherine Carter, cried loudly, “Please, someone join me. It’s dark. So lonely.”

-Caroline Bones ‘18