The Death of Mexicoop and Democracy at W&L

In the wake of the recent election, Meze Feza, the Mediterranean mogul, shockingly ended the long period of 3rd-year housing food satisfaction with a resounding win in the exit polls. Culinary pundits on both sides incorrectly predicted the final results of the polls, giving Mexicoop a +5% edge in the early day polls.

Running on the campaign promise of “Make 3rd-year Great Again” and providing salient dishes which would reflect the white female majority at this school, Meze Feza dealt a heavy blow to Mexicoop, with some hoping the promise of deportation of Mexicoop to come true. For Mexicoop’s campaign of culinary normality and championing diversity in food, the results of this election signal a break from the admiration of the once coveted norm: “faux-chipotle”.

The result comes as a disturbance to many within the W&L community, with chants of “Not my choice” being heard far and wide. “I’m really scared about the future of free elections here. I had Mexican friends” said first-year Catherine Longworth. There are whispers of a rigged election, with some citing hacking of the University interface by members of Elixirs. When asked about potential hacking, an anonymous Elixir responded, “You are fake news”.

Although Mexicoop won the popular vote, with the support of various voting blocs at W&L (Blacks, Hispanics, White males), Meze Feta surprisingly showed us all at W&L the importance of a forgotten voting demographic: affluent white females. Some say this is a sign of democracy at work, others claim this is the fall of functional democracy with the rise of the alt-right White females. Is democracy dead? We’ll watch how the next 4 years pan out to see.

-Jason Renner ’19