Work Study students to begin being paid with unsellable University Store merchandise

A W&L spokesman expressed the university’s excitement with the new policy, which will allow the University Store to cycle through its old inventory while doing away with paychecks altogether.

“I mean, I’d have rather bought food or clothes, but I can deal,” said Milly Barnes, who received two pairs of W&L-engraved wooden salad tossers for her week’s work.

“These are kinda cool, I guess,” exclaimed Thomas Marshall, who was lucky enough to get a Salisbury Pewter dish set for his work. “I was hoping to get a sweater or something, but I guess people actually will buy that stuff.”

The University Store has called the new program “a brilliant success,” and will use the new available space to order new trident-shaped cassette players for the 2017 season.

It should be mentioned, however, that W&L’s board of Trustees will postpone talks of renegotiating faculty salaries along similar lines following mixed reviews by the studet population. – Chris Baumgarten ‘19