Public Peer Counselor: Halloween Edition

Dear Peer Counselor,

I’m having some roommate issues. I think it all started with her taking a history class about Witchcraft. I felt like after every class she was coming home and telling me these absurd stories about medieval witches, which was kinda cool… but it was a little weird how into it she was. 

Anyway, a few weeks ago she said that she wanted to be a witch. I thought she meant that she wanted to dress up as a witch for Halloween, but last night I came home from the Science Center and got really freaked out. My roommate had lit every single illegal candle we had stashed in the Creek and arranged it in the shape of a pentagram on the floor. There was a Ouija board in the middle and she was wearing a black cape. I asked, “What in the fuck are you doing?” and she responded that between re-watching AHS: Coven and the totally fetch cape popping up in a Revolve Instagram ad, she felt inspired to start her own W&L Coven. She then told me how she was planning on putting a Hex on ADPi because they had been monopolizing all of KA by constantly inviting them to play couples Beer Pong or whatever…

At first I was like Holy Shit this bitch is crazy… but then I was like she kinda has a point… and I mean that is like some divine providence that the cool cape and Ouija board would just ~Show Up~ on her Insta like that. So, should I tell our CA that she’s gone crazy or should I join the Coven?

Dear Coven Pledge,

Thank you SO much for reaching out. Your feelings are SO valid. I think these are very hard times, and it’s been really hard to make friends and cope with the stress of the term. I think that starting a new club to make new friends at W&L is a fantastic idea! I mean maybe making a blood oath with the Devil might not have been my choice, but as long as your seances occur outside or you’re wearing masks, that’s totally fine! As far as the hexing, I think there are more direct methods of conflict resolution, but I also really admire that you’re utilizing the things you’re learning in class… and being super creative! Keep up the good work! 

RK ’21