Your December Horoscopes

The Radish’s in-house astrologist is back and more aligned with the stars than ever before. Below, find out what December has in store for you!

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21): A ring of fire eclipse will enter your second house of money this month and will be roughly the same size as the savings you burned through due to Black Friday deals.
Capricorn (Dec. 22 — Jan. 19): A Gemini full moon will enter your sixth house of wellness around the 12th, but, unfortunately, it will not be strong enough to combat either your post-finals exhaustion or your post-travel plague.
Aquarius (Jan. 22 — Feb. 18): The Sun will be in your social eleventh house this month, but no amount of this energy can sustain you during your residence hall’s white elephant party.
Pisces (Feb. 19 — Mar. 20) : Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will all join in your house of technology soon, so for the love of God, please, they beg of you, just click accept on your Microsoft Office updates!
Aries (Mar. 21 — April. 19): A full moon in Gemini will enter your third house of communication, so maybe you’ll finally remember to text your sister back.
Taurus (Apr. 20 — May 20): Uranus in your first house of self presents the perfect opportunity to finally speak out on what’s been weighing on you, so open up your Close Friends Instagram Stories, press record, and let that rant run its course!
Gemini (May 21 — Jun. 20): On December 15, a planetary trine in your house of emotions creates the perfect stage for your next nervous breakdown, so save those tears until then!
Cancer (Jun. 21 — Jul. 22): Sagittarius will be in your house of wellness all December, just in time for the three to five doctor’s appointments your mother scheduled for you during the break.
Leo (Jul. 23 — Aug. 22): With Jupiter in your sixth house of wellness and organization, try to be more productive and get started on that resolution list to break it even earlier than usual.
Virgo (Aug. 23 — Sept. 22): Jupiter is heading into your house of expression and flamboyance, turning the spotlight on you all month! Maybe this means all of your elementary school ornaments will finally be going up at the very front of the tree this year.
Libra (Sept. 23 — Oct. 22): The Sun will remain in your social house until December 21st, which, sadly, means that you will be all out of that hosting spirit just in time for family to come in. Happy Holidays!
Scorpio (Oct. 23 — Nov. 21): The Sagittarius Sun will hang out in your house of work until the 21st, but, let’s be honest, nothing can really help your procrastination problem at this point.
— Anna Kate Benedict ’20