Area dad grins dangerously when asked if he “saved room for dessert”

Double-fisting crab cakes at yesterday’s monthly supper club meeting, area dad Larry Jennings, 52, reportedly flashed his signature “you know why I’m here” smile when he was asked about dessert (his forte). The sole member of his party to indulge, Jennings spoke for the table when he said it was “no bother” that his soufflé would take approximately 45 minutes to prepare.

Jennings, clad in his favorite Hawaiian – khaki cargo shorts – Tevas ensemble, is a self-proclaimed jokester and a “hit with the kids,” regularly checking in on same-sex sleepovers to offer that same bag of Tostitos that we didn’t want the third time. The highlight of everyone’s evening, though, was when he made the claim that he “didn’t enjoy his meal” as he smugly pointed to the empty plate that had previously held the house sampler.

Jennings went on to make a few more zingers to the unenthused waitress, who continued to force a smile in the hopes of moving the inevitable 9 percent tip to 10 or even 11 percent. A regular at the restaurant, Jennings, with a nonchalant elbow on the counter while paying his check, took one mint for now, one for his pocket, and three to eventually melt in his Buick’s cup holder.

–Wells Carson ‘22