Mexicoop to begin charging $2 for napkins, A/C, and the mountain views

Beginning in October, Dining Services has announced, Foodside, or what is/was affectionately referred to as “Mexicoop,” will begin charging $2 for “supplemental accessories,” which include napkins, utensils, air conditioning, and the “complimentary view.”

The notice comes following Foodside’s price hikes this year; most meals at the establishment now cost the full meal-swipe limit of $7.50, while not including lettuce, guac, salsa, chips, queso, peppers, onions, mushrooms, or selected vegetables.

When confronted about the rise in prices, Dining Services redirected our investigative reporters to last year’s financial statements, which showed “moderate profit margins” of 25%. “We really want to make sure we continue to provide the best, most high quality service for students, even if that means we’ll charge them an arm and a leg,” one manager commented as he rang one student up for a $17 burrito.

Additionally, the restaurant noted that its hours would change to 3:56 pm to 5:12 pm “at some point,” but neglected to declare when or why this change would occur.

In other news, Fireside, in lieu of hiring an additional worker, announced that “auxiliary incentives” will have service speeds improve to 35-45 minutes in the coming weeks.

-Chris Baumgarten ‘19