Midterm Season Brings Rise in Stolen Carrels

With midterms on the horizon, students are settling into Leyburn to study. However, the rise in library traffic means an increase in stolen carrels. Some students have begun usurping carrels across all four floors.
Public Safety warns that marking your carrel territory will not actually deter these drifters. Personal effects like books and water bottles are unlikely to prevent theft. Public Safety also found that sticky notes are the most ineffective way of staking claim.
But what does one do if your carrel has been overtaken by that guy that was maybe in your class? Most students reported that they did not confront the carrel thief, instead opting to sit nearby, sulk, and complain in their group texts. A few asked the invader to move, but soon regretted this decision as they had to watch them pack up and shuffle away, leaving both parties feeling awkward.
While carrel theft will likely fall after midterm season, it is expected that the number of students juuling while doing homework will only increase as the semester progresses.