Addition of Greek letters to freshman girl’s Instagram bio signals end of formal recruitment

Instagram servers experienced an annual surge of activity as enthusiastic new sorority members plastered their Greek letters all over social media last Monday evening.
“My social media presence finally feels complete,” said Marie Smith, a new member of Alpha Phi Beta Gamma Delta Psi. Smith wanted all her friends and family to see that she was now part of a sisterhood, even if she sprained her fingers after typing her letters so many times.
With fraternity recruitment coming to a close, one can now observe members of the male species congregating in large packs known as ‘pledge classes’, adjusting their backpacks and comparing beer pong tournament results.
In the coming weeks, Greek Rank is expecting an influx of activity as nosey high school classmates search for the chapters featured on social media.
-Taylor Thiessen ‘21 and Lucas Flood ‘21