W&L Frats as Dads

Phi Delt: “I don’t know, ask your mom.”
Beta: always tries to crack jokes with the babysitter but makes them uncomfortable.
Lambda: records every moment of child’s life for his dedicated social media accounts.
Chi Psi: starts taking kids hunting at the age of nine.
SNu: “do more, be better”
Sig Chi: lets kids dress themselves.
Pike: “Son, always sit next to the cool kids in class.”
Pi Phi: dresses up in costumes for kids’ birthday parties.
KA: backyard grilling as a lifestyle.
Phi Psi: buys tourist shirts to wear regularly and without irony.
Fiji: sends the best brownies to class parties.
Kappa Sig: “Don’t tell your mom I’m letting you do this!”
-Julia Carullo ’20