“The Old Taylor,” previously presumed dead, to release new album through FUDG Records

Upon the release of the New Taylor Swift’s single “Look What You Made Me Do” many fans of The Old Taylor™ were left wondering what happened to our curly-haired American sweetheart. Where’s that lovable gal who holds an acoustic guitar in one hand and tears out the hearts of her exes with the other?

Luckily for Old Taylor fans, an anonymous source at FUDG records recently divulged that The Old Taylor™ will be releasing an EP under one of two possible psuedonyms: Nils Sjolberg or Rolyat Tfiws.

According to the Radish’s treasured source, singles on the album include “Fuck You, Kanye,”  “Every Calvin Harris Song Sounds the Same,” and “Katy Perry Can Suck My Dick.”

Look out for FUDG Records’ and The Old Taylor’s Nils/Rolyat’s newest project, rumored to be dropping Friday, October 13th.

—Hannah Dewing ’19