Apparently there is a new dress code requirement for classes – here’s what you need to know.

If you’re as confused as I was when I was as a naïve junior by the seas of navy clad Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers models walking around campus — have no fear. The Radish is here to clear some things up.

After some thorough investigations by our field staff we have discovered Washington and Lee has unfortunately not been blessed with preppy suit models but instead, it is just your peers grabbing next summer’s internship by the horns, and making you feel like you you’re 13 steps behind. Not to worry though, because unless you’re really amped about the idea of spending your day from 7am to 12pm behind an excel sheet- you’re okay.

If that is you though, then good for you…we’ll make sure we watch every snapchat you post from your office of the NYC skyline view at midnight.

—Maddie Schaffer ’18