Guy Wearing Patagonia declares himself “Totally Outdoorsy”

Joshua Waters, a junior from Raleigh, North Carolina – where the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains are just beautiful, in case you haven’t made time to hike them yet – made this proud declaration upon purchasing a Walkabout Outfitters gray Patagonia fleece two weeks ago.  He made the purchase (and subsequent lifestyle change) following a short walk along the Woods Creek trail. Waters now notes a desire to both eat some Clif Bars and commune with nature or something like that.

Waters settled on the California-based company’s “synchilla fleece” for its rugged, original look. “I mean, we rugged, rainforest-certified, free trade Patagonia guys just understand each other,” he remarked, loudly. Waters concluded the interview by mentioning that he would be purchasing a pair of Chaco sandals to complete his new ‘Ranger Rick; the college years’ look.

–Caroline Bones ‘18