Gaines vs Graham Lees: A Debate or a Pickup Line?

Picture this: You’re a freshman on Windfall Hill during O-week at one of your first college parties. You’re having fun (don’t worry these parties get old fast) and you’re dancing with a group of your friends to Pitbull or some other 2010’s hip-hop song. Suddenly, an older frat-dude approaches you and discovers that you are a freshman. As all upperclassmen do, he promptly asks you “Gaines or Graham Lees?” 

Now if you are also a dude, he may just be shooting the bull with you. However, if you are a freshman girl, is he trying to go back to one of these beloved dorms, or is he trying to persuade you that one is better than the other? 

If he was hitting on you, you would be able to tell by three distinct clues. The first one is that directly following the question, he would adjust his backwards hat that was just barely resting on his head and put in a fresh nicotine pouch and/or hit his vape. The second clue would be that he was leaning/begins to lean on the wall after or during his asking of the question. The third and most obvious clue that he was using this question as a pickup line would be him interrupting you before you answered and replying with something along the lines of “Yeah me too, I love this song.” Then throwing his hand in the air violently in an attempt to dance.

Whether or not this question is an actual debate or a pickup line remains a mystery, but at least everyone on campus can agree that “The Gaines halls are nicer, but the walk to class is a bitch.”