Forward-thinking trav monitors take drinks for our own safety, so we instead get to experience fraternity punch and warm Busch’s

It’s a new school year and with that comes a new and improved Traveller. Traveller, for those who may be unaware, is Washington and Lee’s safe ride system, consisting of both buses and a dispatch service. Here are some things to be excited about with the upgraded Traveller this year.

  1. There is practically no wait. With the increased patrolmen stationed at each stop, it ensures a timely and orderly exit and entrance process, and they help protect us from the violent crowds. The patrolmen make sure the EXACT number of seats are filled, so don’t fret if you’re friends ditch you- there really just wasn’t room for one more.
  2. Along with increased ground patrolmen, Traveller has increased their on-fleet crew as well, to ensure that the riders don’t get violent either. So, when you’re the last one cut off in line, don’t be mad- thank the next monitor you see 45 minutes later for being there for our protection.
  3. Lastly, Traveller is here to enhance our college experience. What better way than by taking our drinks from us? What sense does this make you may ask? Why, they don’t want you to miss out on the warm Busch Lites and the Frat Punch that is laced with who knows what! Truly, what would a college experience be without drinking something you have no idea whats in?

In all seriousness however, we would like to thank the dedicated drivers who do get us home safely, though it is sometimes hours after we liked and without our carefully concocted vodka crans.

—Maddie Schaffer ’18