Radish servers overloaded by recent Spectator dump

LEXINGTON – The magazine of the conservative, white, straight, Catholic, 19-to-21-year-old, male thought and opinion of a select few people was, once again, sent to the private email addresses of the entire student body today. Among those worst affected: the storage space of junk mailboxes of said student body and, perhaps more tragically, The Radish’s web servers.

Fondly remembering a time that satirical material on campus were more difficult to come by, Radish contributor Sarah Corning, ’20, gazed out the window while her laptop continued to freeze and sputter in the background. Talk about a having a tough day in the social media community.

“I’m not even sure what to write about any more,” she sighed, noting that the Satirical Spectator had “covered it all,” too.

-Ford Carson ‘18