LEXINGTON – At 4:17 p.m. today, Duncan the Therapy Dog entered Leyburn with his handler, Lisa.

Hold my fucking backpack, Steve, because I’m going to go get some cuddles.

Consistently garnering more sellout crowds than any other G.A.B.-sponsored entertainer to date, Duncan’s tricks include sitting still, and, well yeah, that’s about it. Regardless, it’s the highlight of my day and will be documented via Snapchat, GroupMe (the “Just people who like dogs” group, of course), and Facebook, if he’s feeling particularly photogenic for my selfie cam.

Quick note, I love everything about dogs and miss my dog terribly and make my mom put him on FaceTime sometimes and go to great lengths to find dogs in Lexington and occasionally visit some professors’ office hours just because I know that they have dogs and take Buzzfeed quizzes to see what breed of dog I am and Google Image search “Norbert the Therapy Dog” because he’s only three pounds and secretly melt to Doug the Pug at 2 in the morning most nights and think of potential names for the dogs that I will adopt from the SPCA one day and yeah. Dogs. Not cats, but dogs.

As I was saying, Duncan kept his composure while I gradually lost mine – eventually losing all bearing of social keep-it-togetherness as I explained to Lisa that I’ve got four exams that I’ve not yet studied for and that my flight leaves Thursday morning – but it was all good. He’s got super soft fur and will gives you kisses if you lean in close enough.

Until next time, Duncan. I’m going to go visit the other therapy dog in the Science Library because I need to go pet all the dogs.

-Ford Carson ‘18