Amidst fall fashion sales, local sorority star really hopes her sisters don’t notice she orders from J.Crew Factory

Charlotte Spiegelman knows the turn of Rockbridge County’s beautiful foliage can only mean one thing: change-of-season flash sales. This crucial time window allows fashion-conscious shoppers like Spiegelman to purchase items she totally would buy full price with less of her parent’s money.

“That it’s on sale is just an added bonus,” Spiegelman admitted. “I’m buying that Donegal sweater either way.”

But Spiegelman has another premium to pay to get the best deals. “Fashion never sleeps,” she noted, “and because of that you always have to be on your game.” Spiegelman has fessed up to browsing Glit and /r/femalefashionadvice late at night too.

“That’s when the best deals go up. I’d never want to miss a BOGO or 35+FS sale.”

But for Charlotte, the scariest possibility is her fellow apparel-espousers-in-arms discovering that she browses and sometimes even buys from J.Crew… FACTORY.

“I just don’t know how they’d react if they knew my sweater was made in Bangladesh instead of some comparatively better-off developing nation like Indonesia. Can you imagine what they’d say if they found out?!”

To avoid such an unfavorable fate, Spiegelman plans to stay in her house all Thursday afternoon to catch the UPS guy at the door. “No-one can see the two periods on the package, but once I get I open it and burn the canvas, I’m safe.”

Indeed, of the few benefits the Factory has, inconspicuous labeling is one of them.

Thank goodness for small miracles. –Conor Habiger ‘19