First-Year excited to return home for fifth time since starting college

When interviewed about making a fifth trek home in 10 weeks, this time for Thanksgiving, James Bernard, ’20, could barely contain his excitement: “It’s just been really tough, living on my own for the first time, you know? Some off-time is really what I need.” Aside from re-watching all available Friends episodes with no pants on, Bernard is reportedly most looking forward to $30+ dinners, two-ply toilet paper, and hot showers, all of which are available at school but “don’t feel the same.” Although he has made plans with nine different people to get coffee over the break, The Radish estimates his chance of success to be around 8.3%.

Bernard took the opportunity to mention how often he mentions his parents, whom he saw over Reading Days and Parents’ Weekend (plus twice a day on FaceTime). “While I enjoy becoming an independent adult, it’s important to stay connected to your roots,” he said, “Keeps you grounded.” Bernard’s roommate noted he is down to three pairs of underwear and hasn’t had fresh laundry since he was last dropped off two weeks ago. –Jordan Goldstein ‘18