Falling on hard times: Traveller’s ghost requests students give $20 for good luck in lieu of pennies

From 6:51-6:57 p.m. yesterday, Traveller’s ghost spoke with the EC to raise the suggested donation at his grave to $20. The once noble steed told members that due to an unexpected rise in afterlife expenditures, $0.01 in return for a lifetime of good luck was no longer “fiscally responsible.” “I’m not the only one having to tighten my belt,” Traveller said with a long face. “Mr. Ed had to get rid of his cable.” Said petition was also signed by the ghosts of Secretariat, Beautiful Jim Key, Seabiscuit and Black Beauty. When asked about where the money was going, Traveller said the funds would be going toward replenishing the apparitions’ apple supply and refused to comment on herds new matching “Hell’s Angels” leather saddles. The EC will deliberate and give the Saddlebred Spector a verdict by next week.  –Daisy Kelly ‘18