5 Alternate Places to Study on Campus Before Finals

Finals are just around the corner—and you know what that means. Students flock to Leyburn Library in hopes of turning it around. Even the fourth floor is packed with students who silently yell across the carrels to their buds. 

-Yo! I’m studying for this test!

-Absolutely insane, bro!!

Instead of wasting your time trying to find sanity at Leyburn, try these alternate places to mix up your study routine. 

  1. Dudley’s Garage

Dudley’s garage might be private property, but he’s unlikely to report you to the EC for violating the community’s trust. After all, he cares about promoting education. He might even give you help if you’re studying math or philosophy. The lack of cars provides a wonderful open-concept study space. Just beware of the ghost of Traveller! Neeeiiigghhhh!

  1. Elrod Commons Construction Zone

Sure, this too might technically be off limits. But even with the sound of drills and hammering, you’re likely to have more peace of mind than at Leyburn. Just remember to slap that mask back on your face to avoid inhaling any debris.

  1. Woods Creek Outdoor Bathrooms

Next to the tennis courts, these outdoor bathrooms could be the solution you need. Study on the go, and even when you go! Seriously, I’ve never met a soul who has used these. Rumor has it that the individual running @wlubathrooms was never seen again after entering one. But maybe that’s what we all need to escape finals week.

  1. Graham-Lees Arch

Crack open that orgo textbook under the Graham-Lee’s arch. Tradition™ guarantees that no one will trample you out of fear that passing through the middle columns will result in failing and dropping out. Will you fail just by sitting there, you might be asking? It’s still unknown. But if you do fail, The Radish cannot be held liable for your GPA or enrollment status.

  1. Cadaver Tunnels

Need I say more?