Class Shocked as Student Defies Unspoken Seating Arrangement

Breaking news from Robinson Hall:
Reports are pouring in after a student decimated the unspoken lecture seating arrangement by sitting at a different table than usual. Andy Brown, a sophomore who should know better by now, walked into his seminar with a chaotic scheme. Instead of sitting in his usual, inconvenient seat where he must swivel to face the projector screen, Brown settled into a seat at a prime table.
“He sat down with a, a grin, and said ‘Thought I’d switch it up today!’ like it was no big deal,” said a student who asked to remain anonymous. This student was displaced by Brown and forced to sit away from their friends.
The surrounding students looked on in horror as Brown checked basketball scores and texted as though he had not just caused extreme distress.
At this time, students are already planning on going to class early to prevent this fiasco from reoccurring.