W&L Greek Life resorting to a sorting hat to divide freshman girls into sororities

After a Harry Potter marathon and one too many butter beers, Panhell has come to a group decision to use a sorting hat to place girls into sororities this year. Although unconventional, they are really excited about the potential outcomes.

“I just think it’ll be a really great way to get six groups of girls who are cohesive and like-minded!” said Dorothy Gale, ’19, member of Panhell.

“What better way to place the freshman girls than putting all of our trust into a dirty non-magical item? We’ll end up with such great groups of ladies, I’m sure everyone will get along wonderfully,” stated Jenny Lane.

All in all, the upperclassman girls are finding this to be an exciting time in the progress of Greek Life here at Washington and Lee. Just don’t ask the freshman how they feel about it, though.

—Julia Jane Duggan ‘20