Protest forms outside WLUR Radio Station as Christmas music starts up in November

This first week in November, three separate protests, each with 3-4 individual persons, were peacefully performed outside the WLUR radio station. Their message, one protestor stated, is “NO MORE CHRISTMAS SONGS FOUR WEEKS EARLY.”

The riotous groups of scrooges were seen holding signs such as “Neither Holiday Reason nor Open Season,” “This Is Just Ridiculous,” “Frosty Just Said to STFU,” and “Dump Trump November Christmas Music.”

One protestor, area sophomore Turk Eedaye, is particularly appalled by the community’s lack of respect and recognition for Thanksgiving. “I mean, come on people, not only are we playing right into the hands of societal consumerism and Cashmas capitalism, but we all get fed up with this stuff after a couple weeks anyway!”

In other news, students have self-reported that “Holiday Cheer” has resulted in a 18% increase in happiness as the Christmas spirit pervades Washington and Lee.

–Chris Baumgarten ’19