Inept area sorority girl replies all to entire university

To Whom It May Concern:

While I am flattered that my (completely innocent and unassuming) mistake made quite a stir on the evening of November 6th, I take this time to type an additional cumbersome and unnecessary response to quell the aforementioned chatter. To those who thought the reply all in question was intentional, I am sorry to disappoint. The only outcome of this unfortunate and embarrassing fiasco is the suspension of my W&L WebAdvisor access on the eve of registration. They should probably send me back to Intr 101. Oh, wait, I probably couldn’t get into it anyway.

That said, I now have a few hours of free time and a full bottle of wine. Let’s break down some of the subsequent responses.


The first response. This really captured my state of mind in the moment. If I could sum up this whole experience in one word, it’s “oof”. Moving on.

“That’s hella sick. Amanda. All the best.”

I saw my response gaining traction. All the best to you too, anonymous student.


How about you stop? This is when it really went downhill.

*insert gif of graduated student stirring an empty Le Creuset pot*

There is no better way to describe this series of events than an alumnus stirring an empty pot.

On that note, happy registration and catch me at my two eight am’s senior winter semester.

All the best,

—Amanda Meador ’18

With contributions from Olivia Klosterman— to both emails