Freshman tries to show enthusiasm for W&L by signing up for the Colonnade Club, surprised by first meeting

Holding 15 free t-shirts from the Activities Fair, first-year Vince Gatherton scoured the tables, perplexed.

“From the moment I stepped foot on the Colonnade, I knew I wanted to come to W&L” Gatherton said. “I keep hearing about the ‘Colonnade Club,’ and I want to sign up, but there’s no table.”

Noting his distress, a female student kindly explained that they didn’t need a table.

“The first meeting is tonight,” she whispered. “See you there.”

Excited to discuss its rich history and tradition, Gatherton arrived promptly in front of the Colonnade at 10:30 pm. He was surprised to find only one other member there.

But that didn’t hold him back from expressing his appreciation.

“Oh, my,” he gaped. “Beautiful.”