Pre-med student attributes perfect MCAT score to Stall Street Journal

“I don’t know why this school even bothers with Organic Chem,” said Kathy Fisher ’17, who recently found out about her elite performance on the medical school entrance exam. “I just take lengthy, frequent trips to the bathroom during some of my more useless lectures in the science center and that’s when I learn the most.”

Claiming the Stall Street Journal taught her “everything” she knows about health and medicine, Fisher took yet another opportunity to praise the school-sponsored publication for its accurate, up-to-date information. Rather than slaving over MCAT prep books, Fisher said, she devoted a few minutes every month to take notes about the previously unknown benefits of sleep, to make a few of the recommended healthy eating decisions not available at D-Hall, and to understand the social media habits of various STIs. While many students fail to recognize the intellectual value of the SSJ, Fisher “wouldn’t miss it,” and reportedly reads Student Health 101 as soon as it hits her inbox, too. -Kate Dalia ’18