Last Minute Big/Little Reveal Costume Ideas

For the pair dedicated to their colonnade majors: Newcomb + Washington

For when a Big is significantly hotter than her Little: Stacy + Stacy’s Mom

For the pair that will go down in history: Rat + Black Plague

For the pair that only like each other: Oscar + His Trashcan

For the rivals that only make each other stronger: USSR + USA

For the Big that thinks her Little will soon surpass her in fame: Paris Hilton + Her Assistant

For the washed up Big: Sakai + Canvas

For the whole family:

Great Grand Big – Fast and Furious

Grand Big – The Fast and The Furious

Big – 2 Fast 2 Furious

Little – The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift

For the in-love and highly successful pair: Chip + Joanna Gaines

For the family with twins: Mr. Moseby + Zach & Cody

For the Hot Topic pair: Foo + Foo Fighter

For the rivals: Larry + Mocha Joe

For the overachieving pair that has mastered the side-eye: Nancy Pelosi + Chuck Schumer

For the pair that just vibes (sexual tension?): Brad Leone + Clare Saffitz

For the Big that does not give a shit about her Little: Mitt Romney + the dog on top of his car

For the pair that has nothing in common: Susan G Komen Foundation + Getting Blackout at Pink Party

For the pair you want to two-thirds: Trump and Mike Pence

For the pair who goes after the same guys: Vampires and Mosquitos

For the pair who wants to disaffiliate: Prince Harry and Megan Markle


— Camille Sears ’22