So, how was your summer?

Hey, so good to see you! How’ve you been? How was your summer? Mine was so busy, but so good. It’s nice to be away from school, but also I missed it, you know? Where were you again? Oh, that’s so cool, how was it? There’s this one restaurant there that I love, did you go? Oh, oh well, check it out the next time you’re there. Were you at home at all? I wish I was at home more this summer, I was traveling way too much. It just gets so tiring, you know? But obviously it was so great. Did you travel? Oh, you have plenty of time, especially if you like, go abroad. What classes are you in? Oh, that professor is a lot, but no, no, you’ll be fine. No, it’s great, I promise. I can’t believe we’re already back again for classes, so crazy. Ugh, would you look at that Trav line? Okay, I need to go refill my drink, but I’ll right be back! It was so great to see you!