Junior pre-orientation leader and freshman participant enjoy heartwarming, fairytale romance

Grasping her rain-soaked face with both hands, Phil Dowdy, ’18, gently kissed Ansley Smith, ’20, under the bright reflection of the full moon. It was O-Week at W&L, and the time for love couldn’t have been riper.

The two struck the once-in-a-lifetime connection while hiking the “most difficult available, of course” section of the Appalachian Trail. Smith, whose prior connection to W&L began and ended with a vague knowledge of a sophomore who went to her high school, mentioned that she was immediately drawn to Dowdy for his humor, fit frame, defined jawline, caring demeanor, conversational ability, and hair that had not been washed in five days at that point.

Dowdy countered that Smith was “pretty cool too.”

Dowdy and Smith laughed and joked, flirted and smiled, and eventually found themselves together at Windfall the night after they returned from the trip.

“Fate,” Smith thought to herself.

Dowdy’s subconscious did not care to comment.

Splitting a few Busch Lites on the porch, the pair decided to board Traveller following Dowdy’s exceedingly smooth suggestion that they “go get some Co-op or something ;)”. Though Co-op never happened, the Newcomb bathroom certainly did.

-Ford Carson ’18