W&L to form Mock Electoral College in light of 2016 Presidential election

Following campus protests, tears, many bottles of wine, and epic Facebook rants from previously unknown political scientists, Audrey Peters, a representative of the W&L Mock Convention, decided it was time to do something.

“We thought our nomination was too crazy to be true, but we were right,” she said in reflection of 2016’s Mock Con. “No one really listened to us, so I think we can do more.”

For the next presidential election cycle, Washington and Lee University hopes to implement a Mock Electoral College to help filter out similarly ridiculous prospective candidates in the future. The new body is expected to achieve the same “unmatched record of excellence” seen with the school’s Mock Con.

W&L hopes that the introduction of another reputable, accurate prediction into the political mainstream will encourage voters to get to the polls. This move will unfortunately close the door on a top-of-the-ticket nod for Harambe, said a spokesman, but, excitingly, sets the stage nicely for Kanye 2020.

“Do you believe us now?” demanded Peters. “DO YOU BELIEVE US NOW?”

-Hannah Dewing ‘19