Student chuckles cynically to self upon overhearing tour guide outlining meal plan

Barbarically gnawing through his cold D-hall sandwich, Brian Lewis’s jaw suddenly halted, reportedly giving way to a derisive grin as he heard a university tour guide outlining the meal plan to a group of high-schoolers with a usual delusional optimism.

Commenting regretfully on the event, Brian recalls:

“I wanted to believe the guide, about all the culinary options, about never growing tired of it. But I couldn’t convince myself to abandon what I already knew. And for those who will be subjected to the same fate, I felt no sympathy. What I did feel, instead, was a voracity spawning in me like I hadn’t known for months, a hunger, a mouthwatering for justice—for that home-fed group of suckers to, if only briefly, experience my predicament, which is precisely the inability to taste anything anymore.”

–Perry Clements ‘19