The Truth about Spring Term: A high-functioning alcoholic’s haven

Washington and Lee’s spring term is a great way for students to immerse themselves in classes that they would not otherwise have an opportunity to experience in a traditional academic setting. 

With the spring term only allowing students to take a maximum of 5 credits, students typically take one class, allowing them to fully engage in their course work. This allows for students to gain a deeper understanding of the subject they are learning and enrich their overall educational experience.

The above paragraph is what the school likes to think of spring term. I mean how else are they supposed to take all of our parents’ money? Now with all that bullshit aside, this is a description of what spring term is actually like:

During Washington and Lee’s spring term, students are only allowed to take a maximum of 5 credits, which leads to a lot of free time. Now what do a bunch of 18 to 22 year olds do with their free time? They drink… and do drugs… but mostly drink… maybe.

With the school having a bus that encourages underage drinking for four days a week during spring term, most students show up to their class in their clothes from the night before and a body-crippling hangover. 

Occasionally, students have to leave their class to experience emesis. That’s a fancy word for puke (I learned that during spring term). But the school probably doesn’t want to tell the parents of prospective students that their child will be drinking at least 4 days a week for four weeks straight. 

My favorite part about spring term is the fact that you can see someone who was health centered on Monday night give a class presentation the very next morning at 9 am about the socio-economic status of the world. I mean at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to have “Sunday Scaries” every other day of the week? 

Washington and Lee’s spring term will forever be a breeding ground for high-functioning alcoholics, and that’s what keeps me going in the morning.