The Radish proposes future Spring Term classes

After a long and brutal winter term, spring is finally here! No more 9-5 school/work days (unless you decided to take Geology), and no more juggling between multiple classes. Spring term is a unique staple of W&L which gives students the opportunity to take a deep dive into specific topics they are interested in, and only study that! At the Radish, we took it upon ourselves to design popular spring term courses that could (but hopefully won’t) be offered on campus next spring term:

  1. BUS 397 – Tax Avoidance, Money Laundering, and Pyramid Schemes
    • Looking to make the most of a W&L education? Sell your soul to the private sector and learn how to maximize profit as an entrepreneur. Surprisingly, everything you will learn is technically legal, or not being watched. Plus, you can always buy out politicians who regulate your industry after the money comes in.
  2. MUS 123 – Musical Expression in Nazi Germany 
    • Learn all about the freedom of expression, or lack thereof, in Nazi Germany through a music lens. We will cover music as propaganda and as subtle dissent. During the last week, Kanye West and Nick Fuentes will speak on campus and perform live!
  3. PE 150 – The Hunger Games
    • On day one, all of your electronic devices will be confiscated, and we will drive you ten miles from campus to a nightmarish arena in the Appalachian Mountains. Fight the other tributes in the wild with rattlesnakes, hunters, killer bees, and a cornucopia of alcohol. Only one student will survive, so may the odds be ever in your favor.
  4. POL 306 – Politics of the EC
    • Study the art of student self-governance, the limitations of rank choice voting, how to win popularity contests, and how to take credit for the work of your colleagues. See how social tensions corrupt a system that is supposed to be impartial, and how the right (or wrong) connections determine how high a student can rise. Lastly, read about the historic moment when one strawberry was spotted in a fruit bowl after the EC promised to bring strawberries to D-hall.
  5. ECON 338 – College Tuition Costs and Student Debt 
    • W&L has one of the highest per-student endowments in the nation, which is partially sustained by constantly rising tuition costs. We will analyze the trend of rising tuition costs for universities across the nation and how it relates to the student debt crisis. Is it fair to forgive student debt? You see, the truth the pundits don’t want to point out is that student loan forgiveness is the first step down a slippery slope to socialism. Let us remove the fog of liberal indoctrination and wash that itch in your brain.
  6. CSCI 242 – Life Hacks with ChatGPT 
    • If you thought ChatGPT could only write your essays and give you test answers, you’re not thinking big enough. ChatGPT can do anything and everything you don’t want to do, including course registration, breaking up with your partner, and writing your newest single. The best thing is, it can’t be charged with a crime or kicked out of the school, so why take those risks yourself?
  7. HIST 262 – The Lost Cause
    • Get the full Hogwarts experience and take a class taught by a ghost: Robert E. Lee. If you thought history was written by the winners, think again. Professor Lee will give you an alternative version of history that has just received the approval of the board of trustees. At W&L we are committed to diversity and inclusion, which includes hearing multiple points of view about the Confederacy.
  8. WGSS 286 – Why Go to an Orgy?
    • We will discuss the role of orgies in sexual health and an individuals’ sense of their own sexual orientation. Additionally, we will watch clips of Andrew Tate trying to define masculinity and Matt Walsh’s transphobia. On the last day, or should I say, the last night, students will participate in an orgy and reflect on how it affected their sense of identity and sexuality.
  9. THTR 292 – Hamilton
    • The smash hit musical Hamilton is coming to W&L, and you’re invited to be in the cast! Help recreate the tragic (though historically inaccurate) story of two friends poisoned by political pursuits and jealousy. Then watch it all devolve into chaos when we realize Burr’s gun was loaded….
  10. CBSC 270 – Psychology of Greek Affiliation
    • Greek Life is incredibly popular at W&L. Over 70% of students affiliate, which is one of the highest rates in the nation. But why? Let us share our insights into the rich culture of gossip, fomo, hazing (allegedly, but all organizations maintain that they would never), exclusion- I mean inclusion, and games of assassin that tie us all together. 

– Arun Ghosh ’26