Students react to the Spectator’s article on [Controversy] 

[Issue], which has been the subject of [National/State/Campus]-wide controversy, has been covered by The Spectator, the campus conservative newspaper. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the student body nearly unanimously condemned the article.

“I understand that [controversy] has complexities, but the article in The Spectator is completely out there. I can’t believe anyone would subscribe to [reactionary talking points] – after all, it’s [current year]!” said John Doe, Class of [Current year+2]. 

The Spectator, which is supported by Alumni donations, has consistently pushed the boundaries of common sense and human decency on campus, as was the case with their article about [last controversy]. 

However, Tom Holland (no relation), Editor in Chief of The Spectator, defended the article’s inclusion in the publication as free speech. 

“W and Lee was renowned for its civil discourse – how far we have fallen that we can’t calmly discuss different viewpoints about [controversy with only one decent view point],” said Holland. 

While this incident is unfortunate, we at The Radish hope everyone on campus learned a valuable lesson and this mess can be avoided in the future.