Omega Kappa completely revamped after brother takes WGSS course

Omega Kappa brother Johnathan Greenbrook, class of 2024, has been at the spearhead of a campaign to completely overhaul the historic fraternity after he accidentally signed up for a Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) course this past Fall Term. 

“I took it initially because I saw the word sex, and I thought to myself – ‘score!’ But after taking that course, I recognize that I was seeking a commoditized version of sex which disrespects women, particularly women who are forced to take up sex work due to capitalism’s work-or-starve so-called incentives.” 

Greenbrook, who initially drew criticism from his fellow brothers, has found a surprisingly receptive audience in the fraternity. 

“At first I thought this whole reform thing was kind of gay – then I realized I only used that term as a derogatory slur because I was uncomfortable with my own feelings and sexuality,” said Jack White, class of 2025. “After a group therapy session where I shared my deep religious trauma, I can now truly say my fraternity brothers are part of my found family.” 

Greenbrook and the rest of Omega Kappa are seeking to take this transformative approach to Greek life campus wide.  

“Even if it just means acknowledging the intersectional effects of a fraternity brother grinding on a Person of Color on a Wednesday party, that means progress. And ultimately, that should be everybody’s goal,” Greenbrook said.